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A recall doesn't stop you from suing for products liability

Oftentimes, when a product is shown to be dangerous or defective, a manufacturer or designer will decide to voluntarily remove it from distribution so that necessary modifications can be made. These recalls can be costly and don't often occur until some time after product-related injuries or deaths have already been reported to them.

While there's a tried and true method in place for reaching out to automobile owners with recall notices through the mail, there's no guarantee a notice will get to the right person early enough. There's also no fail-safe way to ensure that a repair will be made quickly so a catastrophic event does not occur.

House fires require swift, decisive action

A house fire is a terrifying experience. You may not have much time to escape once the fire starts, and you may find that the route you thought you'd be able to escape through is blocked. Sadly, it is estimated that about seven people die each day in house fires in this country.

Many fire-related deaths and injuries can be prevented. Here are some important things to remember about house fires.

A Bridgeport man is charged with manslaughter after car crash

A 22-year-old Waterbury man was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of first-degree manslaughter and other traffic-related offenses on March 29. The charges he faces stem from his alleged involvement in killing a 61-year-old motorist and injuring two pedestrians back on August 10, 2017.

According to a spokesperson with the Bridgeport Police Department, on that fateful day last August, one of its officers attempted to pull over the young man as part of a routine traffic stop. He apparently had an improperly displayed license plate and illegally tinted car windows at the time.

What types of damages might be available to car crash victims?

We often read news articles about why serious car accidents happen. We learn that millions of drivers are staring at their phones instead of the road, and that defective steering columns can lead to loss of control. We read statistics showing that a fatigued driver can be just as dangerous as a drunk driver.

While this is all certainly important and can help us become better drivers, the information does not necessarily help victims who have already been hurt in a crash. In this situation, it can be vital to acknowledge the various ways in which a car accident has affected person's life.

The reality of how a dog bite can affect you -- for years

Anyone who has ever been bitten by a dog knows that the bite itself isn't the only thing that leaves a lasting impression. The shock of getting bitten, along with the trauma inflicted, can cause both psychological and physical problems. Dog bites often require medical attention as well, which brings financial costs and may precipitate a lawsuit.

Dog attacks have a long-term effect on victims, who may suffer for years after the wounds have healed. Psychological trauma can stem from memories of the attack.

What do patients file medical malpractice claims for?

Instances of medical malpractice are increasing across the United States. It's believed that increased demand for medical services can be blamed for this. As more demands are placed on the health care system, physicians and other medical providers become stressed and overworked. The extreme pressure that they're under can have a significant impact on the quality of care that they can provide their patients with.

One of the most notable consequences of doctors being under pressure to see a set quota of patients within their workday is that they often misdiagnose conditions. When they do so, this can lead to patients being prescribed the wrong medication or receiving either the wrong type of or unnecessary treatment. A medical condition that goes undiagnosed may also worsen, resulting in a patient's death.

5 spring property hazards that can cause serious injuries

With spring in full swing, many people are cleaning up after months of cold, snow and ice. Spring cleaning isn't just important to make things look nice, either. During the winter, certain safety risks can develop or get covered up and people often put off dealing with them until its warm enough to spend more time outside.

As such, it is crucial for homeowners and business owners to take steps to address certain hazards that can pose a threat to others during the spring and summer months.

Tired drivers can cause serious crashes

Any of us can be tired on a given day. Some people, however, might be especially exhausted because they were up all night with a sick child, because they suffer from chronic insomnia or for other reasons. Some motorists end up behind the wheel of a car when they are too tired to drive safely. In some cases, they may fall asleep at the wheel or they simply have poorer driving skills than they otherwise would.

Exhaustion may play a part in a significant number of crashes each year. But unlike drunk driving or some forms of distracted driving, there is no effective way to prohibit fatigued driving. Although there may not be a law against driving while drowsy, evidence of sleepiness could help establish liability for a crash caused by a fatigued driver.

Children continue to suffer injuries when they tip over furniture

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) contends that furniture tip-overs are responsible for injuring thousands of kids each year. They also claim that a child is killed every two weeks as the result of a tip-over.

According to the CPSC, the type of furniture that poses the most risk to kids in the home are dressers. They note that kids tend to like to pull out the drawers on them in an effort to get something that's left on top of them. When they do, they often use the drawers as stairs and climb on them. This is often what causes them to fall forward.

Could data breaches affect patient care in hospitals?

When you go to the doctor, you likely go with some basic expectations. You probably expect the facilities to be clean and the physicians to be qualified, for instance. You likely also expect that any information you share with your doctor will be documented properly and kept safe.

Unfortunately, that last expectation may not be realized if the hospital you visit has experienced a breach in their data systems. In fact, according to one researcher, at least 2,100 deaths a year can be tied to data breaches.

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