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Bicycle commuters and recreational riders: Stay safe with 6 tips

As a bicyclist, it's fun to travel to and from work or run errands without using a motor vehicle. Of course, bikes are also great when the purpose of the ride is just fun or fitness.

Whether you're new to cycling or you have decades of experience, your safety on the road should always come first. Any accident, especially one in which you are struck by a motor vehicle, has the potential to cause serious injury or death.

A New Haven man is charged with causing a fatal hit-and-run

A 27-year-old New Haven man was taken into custody by police on June 29, within a few short hours of having allegedly caused a fatal hit-and-run motorcycle accident.

The incident occurred at New Haven intersection of Ellsworth and Whalley Avenues. Footage from a motorist's dash cam revealed that the motorcyclist had been riding his bike eastbound along Whalley as a Nissan Maxima approached.

Your landlord may have to pay your medical bills if you get hurt

You went outside to take the trash one night and someone jumped out of the bushes and assaulted you. If this or something similar has happened to you, then you may be able to hold your landord liable for any injuries that you were left with.

In virtually every jurisdiction, landlords are responsible for ensuring the safety of their tenants. Protecting them from becoming a crime victim is at the top of that list.

Pedestrian accidents can lead to tragedy and wrongful death

When the driver of a motor vehicle fails to notice or yield to pedestrian traffic, the end result can be tragic. After all, a vehicle weighs dozens of times as much as the heaviest person, and a pedestrian has no protection against the force of impact. In the wake of such a tragic incident, your life can change profoundly.

Losing someone you love is very difficult. When that loss is the result of a preventable accident, your grief and denial may be stronger. While you should certainly take the time and space you need to process your emotions and adjust, you should also consider your options for protecting your family and holding that driver accountable.

Distracted driving stats to make you think twice about texting

Distracted driving is a serious problem on the roads, and it's one you can't ignore. Up to 25 percent of motor vehicle collisions resulting in fatalities are caused by distractions in or around vehicles.

Teenagers are the demographic most prone to become distracted while driving. They may be more familiar with texting, using smartphones, calling friends while driving and doing other things that take their eyes and minds off the road. Since teens have less driving experience than adults, this makes them most likely to crash as a result of becoming distracted. About 58 percent of teen collisions are a result of distractions, according to TeenSafe.com. 

The many different causes of anesthesia errors

An estimated 40 million procedures requiring anesthesia are performed in the United States each year. Data compiled by the Institute of Medicine also shows that there are 1.5 million Advert Drug Events (ADEs), or intraventional drug injuries, that occur in the country each year. At least 5.3 percent of all ADEs that occur happen prior pre-operatively.

One of the most common reasons for anesthesia errors is medication dosing errors. Provider carelessness, haste and inattention each cause 5.6 percent each in injuries. Limited practical experience results in 16 percent the errors that occur. Poor training as to how to use devices or equipment cause 9.3 percent of injuries.

There are many options for paying accident-related medical bills

If you've been injured in a car crash, then you may wonder how you're going to foot the bill for all the doctor's visits that you need to get back on your feet again. What you're able to tap into to pay these bills will be contingent upon a lot of factors including who was responsible for the crash and the type of auto insurance coverage you have.

Traffic accidents caused by others

Injury question: Is that swimming pool an "attractive nuisance"?

Your young child trespasses on a neighbor's property one night. The neighbor is not home. They just put in a new below-ground pool for the summer, and that's what drew your child to the property.

After all, this is not just a pool. It has beautiful landscaping, making it look like a Caribbean resort. The pool has underwater lights that your neighbor leaves on all the time, lighting it up and making it look stunning when the sun goes down. The complex has a pool house, two diving boards, a hot tub and a water slide. It seems like a dream come true for children.

Your crash risk if your tire's tread life wears down too much

Data recently released by the American Automobile Association (AAA) Northeast shows that in 2017, there were 653 tire-related motor vehicle accidents in Connecticut. Of those, 246 resulted in either a motorist being injured or killed. If you're doing the math, this means that at least 12 collisions each week during 2017 in Connecticut could be attributed to tire-related issues. At least five deaths or injuries were caused by them.

AAA's research shows that motorists are most vulnerable to becoming involved in tire-related crashes when driving in wet weather. Drivers whose vehicles have worn tires are at especially high risk of becoming involved in a collision.

What types of doctors get sued the most?

Some might say that getting sued for malpractice comes with the territory when you're a doctor. That's at least what American Medical Association (AMA) researchers found to be the case when they recently surveyed a random sampling of their physician members recently.

At least a third of those doctors surveyed reported having been sued for negligence at some point during their careers.

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