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Group home injuries often go unreported in Connecticut

A report published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in January of 2018 discussed how injuries, illnesses and deaths that occur in group homes often go unreported. Developmentally disabled individuals often reside in these types of housing.

Federal inspectors audited group home safety reports in at least three states. They found that many officials failed to follow up on reports of injuries and deaths even though they were required to by state and federal law. The inspectors concluded that the issues with injuries and officials' failure to follow up on them were likely widespread. They recommended policy changes as a result.

What types of injuries can occur at public pools?

Now that summer has officially begun, days seem to be getting even hotter. This has led many New Haven residents to head out to area pools to try to cool down. It's important to remain aware of your surroundings for potential safety hazards.

It's not uncommon for large amounts of water to get splashed or tracked onto dry surfaces around pools. This is why visitors should always be vigilant for slippery surfaces in restrooms and along platforms. If a property owner or manager fails to keep these areas reasonably safe and someone gets hurt, then it's possible for them to be held liable for damages.

Summer weather leads to more pedestrian accidents

During the warm summer months in the state of Connecticut, you won't have to look far to see people enjoying the outdoors. From bicyclists to runners, pedestrians are everywhere.

As a pedestrian, it's critical to take steps to protect yourself. If you neglect to do so, you're increasing the risk of an accident with a motor vehicle. And since you don't have much, if any, protection, this type of accident can result in serious injury or death.

Can you sue your mental health counselor for negligence?

Psychiatrists must go to medical school like any other physician to be able to diagnose and treat mental health disorders with medication. Psychologists and therapists attend graduate school to learn to identify and treat these disorders using nonmedicinal approaches. Since both practitioners are capable of diagnosing your condition, you may wonder if either one can be sued if they make a mistake. They can be.

Licensed mental health practitioners are supposed to perform a risk assessment on new clients and existing ones with a history of depression, suicidal ideation or some other potentially dangerous psychological or psychiatric condition.

What do consumers need to know about carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide detectors are readily available. However, many people don't realize the seriousness of this illness. Some falsely believe that they will know if they are being exposed to carbon monoxide. The sad fact is that you may never know that you are in danger. Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas, so you can't see it or smell it.

There are many sources of carbon monoxide. It can come from engines, including the ones on boats and watercraft. It can also come from fireplaces, fuel burning in vehicles, grills, stoves, gas ranges, lanterns and furnaces. Basically, if it burns a fuel source, wood, propane, gasoline or charcoal, it is producing carbon monoxide. The wide variety of exposure causes means that everyone is at risk of suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The kitchen tools that are most apt to injure you

If someone were to ask you what the most dangerous object in your kitchen is, you'd likely mention a knife. While researchers with the home improvement website Porch confirmed that knives are indeed the most dangerous object in our kitchen, plates take second place. There are many other hazardous items that can be found in this room as well.

Researchers at Porch combed through data published by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System to hone in on the most dangerous kitchen tools. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) emergency room data revealed that at least 320,000 people visited the hospital in 2017 after being injured by a knife.

Truck accidents may involve multiple defendants

Traffic accidents between consumer vehicles and large trucks often cause massive damage to property and serious physical injuries, leaving victims with complicated legal issues to resolve while they work toward recovery. While any accident may cause significant physical harm and property damage, determining the liable party or parties is often more difficult.

If you recently suffered losses from a truck accident, you cannot afford to waste any time before building your claim, but this is difficult if it is unclear what caused the accident or which party holds liability. In order to keep your rights protected during your recovery, it is wise to gather and examine all the evidence you can using strong legal resources and guidance in Connecticut.

Are you ready to stay safe on your bike this summer?

Summer is the time for people to start enjoying their favorite outdoor activities in Connecticut. If you are a cycling enthusiast, you have probably already tuned up your bicycle and gotten out onto the roads a few times this year.

However, your bike isn't the only thing that needs a summer tune-up. You should also take time to refresh yourself on the best safety measures to help protect you and your loved ones on the road.

How often are crashes caused by tailgating?

Almost everyone has been tailgated before. Other drivers usually do this because someone is not moving fast enough for their liking or because they're in a hurry to get somewhere. It's never safe to have someone drive so close to the back end of your car that it leaves you little to no room to stop. Countless individuals get injured in tailgating crashes each year.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at least 23 percent of all motor vehicle accidents are rear-impact ones. These types of crashes injure 950,000 people each year. They kill 2,000.

Don't assume that birth injuries are commonplace

During your life, you've likely met someone in Connecticut with cerebral palsy, a shoulder dystocia or some other type of injury. If you were to ask them about their impairment, they'd likely tell you that they've had it as long as they can remember. These types of birth injuries are far too common. Most of them are caused by a fetus's body being subjected to extreme physical pressure during childbirth, including while traveling through the birth canal.

While it's common for newborns to suffer minor cuts, scrapes or bruising during their delivery, they generally recover from these in a matter of days following their birth. Babies who suffer more serious injuries such as broken bones or damaged nerves may also heal with medical intervention in a matter of weeks. Some don't ever get better though.

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