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Catastrophic injuries have significant, lifelong consequences for the injured individual and their family. What makes a catastrophic injury so severe is usually the impact that it has on your quality of life, ability to recover from your injury and ability to work. The lawyers at Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, have extensive experience in complex personal injury litigation involving catastrophic and serious personal injuries. Our New Haven office has been helping clients with these cases for decades, and we have the skills and experience needed to resolve any litigation challenge.

Catastrophic Injuries Are Life Altering And Require Skilled Lawyers To Litigate

While car accidents and trucking accidents are two of the leading causes of serious personal injuries, catastrophic injuries have a wide range of causes, including defective products, gas line explosions and construction accidents.

Our firm has successfully handled catastrophic injury litigation involving:

In addition, we are prepared to represent clients in court for serious personal injury cases related to E. coli contamination, prescription drug errors, medical malpractice and premises liability matters.

How Are Catastrophic Injuries Different From Other Personal Injury Cases?

The reasons that catastrophic injuries are so different from other personal injury litigation cases are the complexity of the injury, the greater likelihood for a protracted legal battle, and the higher value of potential settlements or jury verdicts. There is a much greater incentive for the opposition to resist your claim and drag it out as much as possible to avoid the higher cost of paying for the damages that they inflicted, so these cases can take longer than an ordinary claim for that reason.

Another significant difference between these cases and ordinary cases are the damages that are available. While in a regular personal injury case your damages can be straightforward based on the harm inflicted, in a catastrophic accidents case, you may be looking at obtaining not only lost wages but also lost earning capacity and payment for future medical bills in addition to past ones. You may also have potential damages for loss of consortium with your spouse. All of this encourages the opposition to avoid paying at all costs, which is why you need a team that can go head-to-head with them.

Our Team Can Help You With All The Fallout From Your Injury

Serious personal injuries have major physical, financial and emotional impacts on individuals and families. Our firm regularly works with medical experts, financial planners, life-care consultants and vocational rehabilitation experts to help determine the immediate and the long-term consequences of catastrophic injuries. While our serious personal injury lawyers recognize that no amount of money can undo the damage caused by a catastrophic injury, we strive to help our client obtain the compensation necessary to minimize the stress and financial burden faced by individuals and the family members who support them.

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