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Guidance Regarding Birth Injuries

A parent always wants the best for their child. Learning that your child was injured because of the negligence of a doctor is devastating. You likely want to know what happened and how your child sustained a serious birth injury.

The attorneys at Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, can help you prove any case that results from negligent pregnancy care or delivery complications. We handle cases where there was medication mismanagement during pregnancy, failure to perform proper genetic testing during pregnancy based on a parent’s background, history and parental request. We also handle serious cases where there was improper use of instruments like forceps or complications during delivery as well as failure to diagnose a condition.

If your child was injured because of negligence on the part of the doctor, or failure to diagnose a serious condition, contact our attorneys by calling us at 203-896-4631. Based in the New Haven area, we serve clients throughout Connecticut.

Handling Serious Birth Injuries

Our firm is also experienced in helping families whose child has sustained any type of injury resulting from medical malpractice such as:

Skillfully Handling Complex Cases

Our office handled a landmark case in Connecticut dealing with decision to do an autopsy on a fetus, which concerned the handling of fetal remains. This case also dealt with the legal question of whether the remains were property of the hospital and if the remains should be deemed a tissue or a person. We understand how sensitive birth injury cases and issues surrounding these types of claims can be. Our lawyers are here to help you deal with the facts, the emotions and the opinions you have when deciding how to proceed.

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