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Malpractice: Failure To Diagnose Colon Cancer

When diagnosed early, colon cancer is frequently treatable and curable. Failure to identify this disease in a timely manner, however, can lead to serious health complications and even death.

At the Connecticut law firm of Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, our medical malpractice lawyers handle cases involving the improper diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer. If you or someone you love has undergone a colonoscopy or other colon cancer screening test only to discover later on that signs of cancer were missed, we can help. Call 203-896-4631 or 203-896-4631 to speak with an experienced attorney.

Early Detection Is Key

Early detection of colon cancer saves lives. Your physician should recommend a colonoscopy or other examinations at certain times in your life, depending on your risk factors for the disease. If you experience symptoms of colon cancer, your doctor has a professional duty to address them right away.

Common mistakes resulting in failure to diagnose colon cancer include:

  • Failing to recognize common symptoms
  • Failing to consider family history of the disease
  • Failing to order a colonoscopy
  • Not properly administering a colonoscopy
  • Not working up low red blood cell counts

Delayed diagnosis of colon cancer means a more aggressive, expensive and uncomfortable treatment, as well as an increased chance of death. Physicians who failed to identify clear signs of the disease may be held financially responsible for the injuries and fatalities that result from the error.

Experience With Diagnostic Failure Cases

As our lawyers, we will work with recognized medical experts to review the actions of the doctor who missed indications of your colon cancer. We will thoroughly review your medical history, looking at the symptoms you were experiencing at the time and the tests that were ordered. We will question the doctor about why certain tests or procedures were not performed, keeping the expected standard of care in mind at all times.

Meet With A Knowledgeable Attorney

Has a delayed colon cancer diagnosis affected your life? Contact us online or call 203-896-4631 or 203-896-4631 to arrange a confidential appointment with our attorneys. Our firm’s office is near New Haven, in proximity to the intersection of I-91, I-95 and I-84. Evening and weekend appointments are available.

We handle delayed colon cancer diagnosis cases on a contingency fee basis. Therefore, you pay nothing until we get results for you.

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