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Study reveals designated drivers may not be alcohol-free

Often times, people who live in New Haven County use a designated driver when going to a bar or club. This way, the group is guaranteed a safe ride home because the driver agrees not to drink alcohol, keeping everyone on the road safe. When people try to drive after drinking alcohol, their risk of getting into a car accident is much higher and they can severely injure or kill someone else.

Study’s surprising revelation

While many people rely on a designated driver, a new study indicates that these people may not be alcohol-free according to The Washington Times. The study, which covered over 1,000 people who had agreed to be designated drivers, revealed that about a third had consumed an alcoholic drink.

Also of note is the fact that out of those who admitted having an alcoholic drink, 20 percent of the participants tested with a blood alcohol content level of over 0.05. Even with the fact that the study was conducted near a university, the evidence and results strongly indicate that many people who are designated drivers do not seem to be able to resist having a drink or two.

Drunk driving in Connecticut

In 2008, there were 2,362 accidents related to alcohol reported, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Over 1,200 people were injured and 111 died in those accidents.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving indicates the following numbers for the current year:

  • 2,743 people in Connecticut have at least 5 convictions for drinking and driving.
  • 15,723 people in Connecticut have been convicted on three separate occasions for drunk driving.
  • 92 people have died this year in alcohol-related accidents.
  • 42 percent of all traffic deaths are related to alcohol.

Connecticut has come down on people who are convicted for driving while under the influence. Now, anyone who is convicted of DUI is required to use an ignition interlock. Drivers also face fines, time in jail, vehicle confiscation or impoundment, loss of employment and license suspension or revocation.

Options for victims of drunk drivers

When people fail to take the responsibility of being a designated driver seriously or simply avoid using one, it is innocent people who often pay the price. Victims of drunk drivers may have a number of challenges if they are seriously injured in a crash, such as loss of income, mounting medical bills, vehicle damages and consistent pain and suffering. Therefore, it is important for you to meet with an attorney, if you are injured by a drunk driver, in order to understand what your rights and legal options are.

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