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Auto accident causes 4 injuries after car hits vehicle, building

What may begin as a seemingly normal drive down the street may end up being a tragic situation in Connecticut if a car crash happens. An auto accident may stem from a driver’s failure to keep his or her eyes on the road, which is considered distracted driving, or even reckless behavior. A recent motor vehicle collision in our state resulted in serious injuries to four individuals, leaving questions about what sparked the accident.

Bike accident kills 78-year-old man in Connecticut

An individual recently lost his life due to a vehicle accident involving a motorcycle in Connecticut. The tragic bike accident happened on a recent Sunday and calls attention to the importance of operating a vehicle with care when driving near bikers in order to avoid motorcycle accidents. The incident began when a vehicle was driving west on a Connecticut road.

Head-on auto accident causes critical injuries

A fatal head-on accident recently occurred in Connecticut, causing understandable shock and sorrow among family members of the victim. The victim's loved ones naturally might ask how this type of auto accident could have happened. The tragedy unfolded in the Route 4 area during the morning hours as a 58-year-old man was driving a car.

Bike accident leads to serious injuries in Connecticut

Being cautious when operating a vehicle near a motorcyclist is critical, as people on bikes don't have the protection that motorists in enclosed vehicles enjoy. In a recent Connecticut motor vehicle collision, a person riding a motorcycle suffered serious injuries. This bike accident took place during the morning hours.

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