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Connecticut’s life jacket safety laws

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Water Accidents

Connecticut looks over the beautiful east coast and boasts over 3,000 lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Visitors and residents alike love to take advantage of the gorgeous waterlines available in our state.

When you go out for a summer swim or cruise in your boat, though, be sure that you are familiar with the life jacket safety laws.

Life jackets for everyone

In any watercraft, there must always be at least one life jacket available for every person on board, no matter their age. This means that they must be readily accessible and worn by those that the law requires.

Adults typically require 7 to 12 extra pounds of buoyancy to safely stay above water. When selecting a size and style of life jacket, it’s important that you read the label to find one that will sufficiently protect you, depending on your weight and size. To quickly tell if a life jacket works for you, read the label and ensure that it is snug and cannot go past your years when fastened

Lightweight, inflatable life jackets can be worn by people over the age of 16 and over 90 pounds during activities that are not high-speed water sports (water skiing, jet skiing, etc.).

Life jackets for children 12 and under

Anyone 12 years and under must always be wearing a life jacket while on a watercraft. This rule does not vary whether they know how to swim. It is smart for all passengers, including those above the age of 12 and especially those who are not strong swimmer to always wear life jackets as well.

If you are unsure if you are properly following Connecticut’s life jacket laws, always make sure that everyone has life jackets readily available. Then, talk to those that sell the flotation devices to ensure that everyone has the proper size and style for their weight and activity.