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When a wedding vendor or service won’t uphold your agreement

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Professional Malpractice

A wedding is supposed to be a joyous event full of family and friends celebrating a couple committing to one another. It can also be a source of significant stress for the couple getting married, as well as their closest family members.

Weddings are expensive and require weeks or even months for proper planning and organization. From arranging seating so that there won’t be arguments during the reception to selecting a color palette that is complimentary for every one of the bridesmaids, there is a lot to consider.

Once you have locked in a contract with a wedding vendor or professional, you expect them to abide by that contract, even if circumstances change. Unfortunately, some wedding vendors will not uphold their own contracts, even if they have already taken a deposit or full payment from a client. A difficult vendor can turn your dream wedding plan into a financial nightmare, especially if it’s too late to find a replacement vendor.

Review the contract before you make contact

Whether you want to address the failure to deliver the products ordered in a photography package or need to reschedule the delivery date for the 400 mini cupcakes you ordered, looking through the contract you signed with the professional will give you a better idea of how to negotiate.

For example, some photographers might include in their contract that they will deliver products as they finish them, meaning the ones that require the most work will be the last to arrive. When it comes to rescheduling, some wedding vendors will allow you to move your deposit or payment to a new date without penalty, while others may charge you for the inconvenience of rescheduling. Once you know what’s in the contract, you can better advocate for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to take steps to stand up for your rights

When you have paid for goods or services and have either not received them or have a vendor who is otherwise refusing to work with you, you may have no choice but to take action to either enforce the contract or get your money back. Taking breach of contract action against an unscrupulous wedding vendor may eventually be the only option when they refuse to compromise or work with you.