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Car wrecks and facial injuries: What everyone should know

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2020 | Car Accidents

Life is full of calculated risks, and that’s never more apparent than when you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and head out on the road. No matter how careful you are, you can’t guarantee that other drivers will do the same. It’s far too easy to end up in a crash, even when you do everything right.

What kind of facial injuries are common in wrecks?

Studies have indicated that some of the most common injuries involve the mid-face, such as broken noses. It’s not uncommon, however, for victims to suffer multiple injuries, including:

  • Broken jaws
  • Blown-out eye sockets
  • Broken cheekbones
  • Cuts, bruises and puncture wounds
  • Corneal abrasions and tears
  • Burns
  • Broken teeth

Some of those injuries will eventually heal, but many victims will go on to experience lifelong distress and disfigurement from their injuries.

How do facial injuries happen in a wreck?

There are numerous different ways you can end up with a facial injury in a car accident, but most are probably caused by:

  • Blunt force trauma: The impact of the wreck itself can send you face-forward into the steering wheel or dashboard very suddenly. Even if you’re tightly restrained by a seat belt, the air bag may explode in your face and cause significant damage.
  • Flying objects: Loose items like your cellphone, pens and change can become airborne in a wreck and injure your face and eyes. The shattered glass from your windshield can also lacerate your face very easily.
  • Burns: Air bags can cause friction burns to someone’s face very easily in a wreck. Even more terrifying, you can end up with facial burns if your vehicle catches on fire or you’re splashed with toxic fuel.

If you suffered facial injuries in a wreck, don’t expect the insurance company to play fair. Protect your rights by getting experienced representation on your side.