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Wind can increase the danger of truck crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Your spouse didn’t make it home today. She is lying in a Connecticut hospital bed because a semitruck rolled over and crushed her car. The police said a strong gust of wind caught the truck and that your wife was unlucky.

As you head to the hospital to visit her, you turn the police officer’s words over in your head. “Unlucky” suggests it was just one of those things, an accident. While you are sure the truck driver did not mean to tip over on top of your wife’s car, you wonder if they did all they could to prevent it. These are some of the questions to consider:

  • Did the trucker check the weather? High winds are dangerous for trucks. If the winds were forecast, could the driver have chosen a different, less wind-prone route? Could they have sat it out until the storm subdued?
  • Did they anticipate the wind? Experienced drivers know the danger spots on any road and the windiest times of day. Before approaching a gusty place, they can adjust to reduce the risk of being blown over.
  • Did they load the truck safely? The higher the load, the higher the center of gravity. Keeping the weight low helps avoid rollovers. Traveling empty or light also increases risk; a full well-loaded truck is much harder to tip over.
  • Did they bow to pressure? Maybe the trucker was pushed to drive by the trucking company.

An experienced Connecticut attorney can help you claim the compensation your wife needs. They can take a closer look at the cause of the truck rollover and if it could have been avoided.