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1 hurt on I-95 in New Haven crash involving box truck

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2021 | Truck Accidents

When many people are trying to get home or to work, the highways are naturally going to be congested. Impatient drivers, weary drivers, distracted drivers and traffic jams sometimes lead to crashes as drivers get frustrated and try risky maneuvers or stop paying close attention to what’s happening around them. 

In New Haven, for example, a crash on Interstate 95 involving a car and a box truck impacted the city’s traffic for around two hours after two vehicles crashed into each other. One person was sent to the hospital for medical assistance. The crash shut down two right lanes between exits 44 and 66 as emergency crews worked at the scene. This is typical of wrecks involving large vehicles.

Large vehicles are more likely to cause major injuries when there’s a wreck

It is smart to think about the way you drive when you’re around larger vehicles. For example, box trucks have a large trailer that makes it harder for the driver to see into the areas beside it. If you are approaching in a parallel lane, it makes sense to speed up to pass the vehicle or to slow down, so you stay in the driver’s line of sight.

In traffic jams, large trucks also cannot stop and start as quickly. So, if you are approaching slowed traffic and have a large truck behind you, slow down over time, don’t slam on your brakes. You need to give the driver plenty of warning that you plan to stop.

If you are involved in a crash with a box truck, delivery van, semitruck or another kind of commercial vehicle and get hurt, remember that you should seek medical attention right away. Once the immediate danger to your safety has passed, it may be time to think about speaking to an attorney about your right to compensation for your injuries and losses.