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Tips for gaining back a refund for a canceled wedding

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Litigation & Defense

Getting married is often the most important day of a person’s life. It’s likely that you have dreamed about this day for many years and envisioned how perfect everything would be. You’ll have been looking forward to celebrating the love you share with your fianacé(e) and excitedly anticipating married life.

However, some things can never be foreseen or predicted. If your wedding has recently been postponed or canceled, it’s likely that you are feeling sad, disheartened and extremely disappointed. It’s a good idea to view this situation simply as a delay in your grand plans rather than a denial of them, but you’ll definitely want to make sure that you do not lose out financially as a result of these changes.

If you are struggling to get refunds from certain suppliers and vendors, it is important that you stand your ground and understand your legal rights. The following are some tips for gaining back a refund for a canceled wedding.

Read the contract in detail

Before taking any action regarding requesting refunds of deposits, it’s time to get organized and look at the small print. You should read into the contracts that you have with all of your vendors, from florists and dressmakers to caterers and photographers. Make sure that you understand what you have signed into before making any bold claims.

Remember that the vendors are struggling too

Vendors are also going through a hard time when it comes to canceled weddings, so bear that in mind when communicating with them. Trying to make compromises and being communicative is going to guarantee a less stressful experience for everyone.

Assert your rights when vendors are acting in bad faith

If it’s clear that a vendor is not holding their end of the bargain, make sure that you take legal action and assert your rights.

If you are going through a stressful time due to a canceled wedding, make sure that you understand how you can take action to gain the refunds that you deserve.