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Traumatic brain injuries: What to know when you’re hurt

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Car Accidents

Traumatic brain injuries happen when the brain is suddenly impacted by an external physical assault of some kind. There doesn’t necessarily have to be a direct impact to the skull, though; the brain, which moves inside the head, could hit the inside of the skull and be damaged if the head is quickly moved back and forth or twisted, for example.

Whether you hit your head or come to an extremely sudden stop in your vehicle, there would be a risk that you could have a traumatic brain injury.

The different kinds of TBI affect people in a number of ways

There are many kinds of brain injuries that can happen, and each of them can impact people in different ways. For example:

  • A penetrating injury directly affects the structure of the brain and can cause massive swelling and bleeding.
  • A closed brain injury may impact a greater portion of the brain as it swells within the skull.
  • A diffuse axonal injury shears the brain, tearing nerve fibers as the brain twists within the skull

These and other kinds of brain injuries have to be taken seriously. Time is of the essence when someone suffers from a brain injury, and not getting the right care could lead to complications.

After an initial brain injury, secondary brain injuries could make your injuries worse

Secondary brain injuries are an issue to watch out for. These occur when there is an initial injury to the brain that is completed. For example, hitting your head would lead to a single injury.

The secondary brain injury happens as the brain swells or changes in response to the first injury. This kind of injury evolves over time and may include cellular, tissue, chemical or blood vessel changes.

Auto accidents often lead to traumatic brain injuries

It’s normal for auto accidents to lead to traumatic brain injuries. Whether you’re forced to come to an abrupt stop or hit your head, there is a risk that you could be injured. If you’re in a car crash, seek medical attention and consider looking into your legal options for compensation.