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3 reasons a driver might not have seen you

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When you set out on the road, it is easy to assume that you are clearly visible to all other drivers. Yet even if your car were ten feet high and fluorescent pink, there are people out there who will somehow miss seeing you.

If nothing suggests a driver that crashed into you lost control, consider if they did not see you. Or did not see you in time. Here are some reasons that might be:

They were distracted

There is an awful lot to take in when driving. You need to look to the front, rear and sides. You need to judge the speed of others and try to predict their next move while calculating if you can make your next maneuver safely.

That becomes much harder when you are not giving the road your full attention. Unfortunately, many drivers seem to think they can drive safely while eating, drinking, reaching around to settle their kids, talking on their phone or other distractions.

They were drowsy

Everyone gets tired at some point in the day. It is natural. What is not natural is to carry on driving when it occurs. Too many drivers underestimate the effect tiredness can have on their concentration and, thus, their ability to drive.

They were drunk or drugged

Even drivers who are under the legal blood alcohol content limit can be a danger as any amount of alcohol affects the ability to drive. The same goes for drugs, including some legal ones, such as hay fever or cough medicines that can induce drowsiness.

If you are injured in a car crash, consider legal help to discover what caused the other driver to crash into you.