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Why you should not apologize to the other driver after a wreck

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Car Accidents

Unfortunately, anyone can be involved in a car accident. You may be careful, observing traffic laws and protecting other road users, but a negligent driver may fail to keep you safe. If you get into an accident, you should be informed about the steps to take next. And one of them is exchanging personal and insurance information with the other driver.  However, you should avoid saying “sorry” when doing this. 

Here is why you should not apologize to the other driver.

It could be perceived as an admission of guilt

The other driver should be at fault to receive the compensation you deserve – one that can cover all your damages. Saying sorry or any other apologetic word is admitting responsibility and can result in partial compensation. The other side may argue you admitted your fault for the crash.

What should you say to the other driver?

When you exchange information with the other driver, you may ask if they are okay. If they wish to talk about the accident and injuries or ask you to discuss what happened, politely decline to continue the conversation and return to your car, waiting for the police and/or the ambulance.

Their insurance company will ask about everything you said. And if they mention you apologized, the insurer will use it to deny you fair compensation. 

What if they are critically injured?

It’s natural to feel compassion for someone injured, even if they caused the accident. Thus, you may be tempted to tell them sorry. However, there are different ways to show you care.  You can use statements like “Hold on, help is on its way” and “You are doing great, the ambulance is almost here” Avoid saying, “I’m sorry.”

What you say or do after an accident is crucial. It will help to get professional guidance to make the right moves.