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3 ways advanced automotive technology can lead to wrecks

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Car Accidents

There’s no question that the automotive industry has seen some rapid advancements in technology. For the most part, this has been beneficial, since the tech is largely designed around adding conveniences for drivers and passengers that enhance their safety and their overall experience on the road.

However, as vehicles become increasingly sophisticated, some drivers may be growing increasingly complacent behind the wheel. These are just three ways that technology can lead to accidents.

Over-reliance on the technology

Drivers are increasingly being asked to adapt to new technology in their vehicles, and they don’t always fully understand the limitations of some of their devices, or they don’t use them properly. For example, vehicle GPS systems – which provide on-demand road maps and help with navigation – are behind more than 200,000 car wrecks in the United States each year. Some of those come from drivers who try to configure their GPS when they’re in motion, but others come because drivers can get so “in the zone” that they blindly follow inaccurate directions. They don’t realize just how fallible those things really are.

Cognitive overloads from too much information

Sometimes a vehicle with all the bells and whistles can be overwhelming for drivers, leading to cognitive overloads. For example, constantly trying to monitor and process information from a bunch of displays, sensors and alerts inside the vehicle and trying to watch traffic can cause a driver to essentially end up being overstimulated and unable to focus.

Distractions from infotainment systems

Infotainment systems undoubtedly make travel more convenient, but they can be very distracting to drivers. Whether they involve a touchscreen or voice commands, a driver trying to adjust their radio or change a podcast while they’re navigating a busy street can easily glance away from the road or let their mind wander just long enough to hit a pedestrian

When a driver is overly enamored of their vehicle’s technology, that can easily lead to preventable accidents. If you’ve been hurt or your loved one was injured in such a wreck, it may take aggressive legal action to get fair compensation for your losses.