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How can drivers avoid distracted driving accidents? 

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Car Accidents

Auto accidents happen because of drunk driving, speeding, aggression and drowsiness. One of the largest causes of auto accidents is distracted driving. Distracted driving happens visually, manually and cognitively. Even just a few seconds of distracted driving can lead to auto accidents.

Drivers can practice safe driving by reducing the number of distractions causing them to expose themselves to accidents. Here are three things you can do to practice safe driving: 

1. Put your phone away or turn on “do not disturb” mode

Phones are easily one of the most common distractions causing drivers to collide with others. Drivers can take precautions to reduce the number of texts and calls that would lead to distractions. For starters, most phones have a “do not disturb” mode that silences calls and texts. Some phones even automatically turn this mode on when they believe a car is moving as long as the feature is in use.

Drivers still struggling with phone distractions may consider turning their phones off entirely and placing them somewhere unreachable. For example, drivers can place their phones in bags, gloveboxes or trunks.

2. Eat at a fast food restaurant

Many drivers like the idea that they can grab a quick meal and keep driving while they eat. However, eating is as much of a distraction as phones are. Drivers may want to consider parking their cars at fast food restaurants while they finish their meals to avoid auto accidents.

3. Fix your GPS, radio, AC and mirrors before hitting the road 

People typically don’t realize the devices in their cars can lead to distractions, such as their GPS, radio, AC and mirrors. Drivers should consider adjusting all of these features before getting on the road.

Safe driving doesn’t mean you’re immune to auto accidents. If you’re suffering from medical bills, losses and vehicle damage after an auto accident that was caused by another, it may help to talk to someone with legal experience.