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Did You Or A Loved One Receive A Delayed Cancer Diagnosis?

A cancer diagnosis is no longer an automatic death sentence. Caught early, many forms of cancer are treatable. As the disease progresses, however, it becomes more and more difficult to treat. The chance of pain, disfigurement and even death increases.

If your doctor failed to diagnose cancer in a timely manner, resulting in injury to you or someone you love, turn to Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC. Our medical malpractice attorneys provide compassionate, assertive and experienced legal help to people who have been injured by a delayed diagnosis. Call 203-896-4631 or 203-896-4631 to speak with one of our lawyers today.

Protecting Your Rights

Sometimes, there is no way cancer could have been detected earlier. However, there are many instances when a physician should have suspected the disease and either personally diagnosed it or referred the patient to a specialist.

Our firm handles cases involving serious injury or wrongful death resulting from:

Doctors are expected to act in accordance with the accepted standard of care. When they fail to do so, such as when they fail to properly diagnose cancer, they must be held accountable. You have every right to expect a high standard of health care. When a professional betrays your trust and is negligent, you are entitled to take legal action to protect your rights.

As your attorneys, we will launch a thorough investigation into your case. Consulting with experts, we will carefully examine the opportunities that your treating or consulting doctor had to spot the first signs of a malignancy.

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