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What can cause an outdoor slip-and-fall?

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2020 | Premises Liability

Slip-and-fall accidents are often equated with minor injuries suffered when people lose their balance stepping into a puddle of liquid on an indoor surface. In fact, these accidents can occur in countless situations resulting in devastating injuries to numerous body parts including the head, neck and spinal cord. During the winter, individuals should pay careful attention to their surroundings and the surfaces they are walking along.

Here are three situations that could lead to serious outdoor slip-and-fall injuries:

  • Parking garages: Populated areas will often rely on multi-level parking structures to increase visitor capacity. Unfortunately, these structures invite strong wind currents that can freeze spills quickly becoming dangerous icy patches. Additionally, the stairs and sloped surfaces lend themselves to pooled liquids that might be hard to see due to poor lighting.
  • Inadequate outdoor lighting: Whether it is a parking lot, parking garage, storage facility or apartment complex, the owner must provide adequate lighting for visitors. These lights must be properly maintained with clean glass, new bulbs and correct positioning.
  • Parking lots: A property owner must ensure the safety of his or her visitors. Parking lots are often dangerous spots for pedestrians based on leaked oil from parked vehicles, cracked pavement, misaligned concrete parking turtles or poorly maintained landscaping.

While indoor slip, trip and fall accidents might be more recognizable, individuals must remain attentive whether walking indoors or outside. Tripping over a broken tile, torn carpeting or poorly maintained stairs can lead to serious injuries. Likewise, slipping in a spill or accumulated liquid in a grocery store’s produce department can result in injuries requiring medical treatment or physical therapy. Do not hesitate to discuss your case with an experienced legal professional.