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Couple wins $4.2 million malpractice suit against CT surgeon

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

Sometimes even seemingly minor surgical procedures can go horribly wrong if the doctors or other medical professionals are negligent or make serious errors. For example, a Bridgeport man who underwent a procedure to have a small lesion removed six years ago suffered a stroke as a result that has left him partially paralyzed.

That man and his wife were recently awarded $4.2 million in damages by the jury who heard the case against the surgeon who did the procedure at Bridgeport’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center. Of that amount, $3.2 million was awarded to him, and the other $1 million went to his wife.

Suit claims going off medication led to a stroke

According to the medical malpractice claim, the surgeon advised the now-59-year-old father of five to stop taking his anti-coagulation medication, which had been prescribed for another condition, prior to the procedure. The suit alleged that stopping that medication caused the man to suffer a serious stroke during the procedure. According to the suit, the man’s injuries, which include partial paralysis on one side of his body, epilepsy and speech and memory impairments.

The couple’s attorney says that the surgeon “violated the standard of care by failing to consult [the man’s] prescribing physician in advance of the surgery, and the failure to do so was a substantial contributing factor to the stroke and corresponding stroke deficits.”

While anticoagulants can lead to excessive bleeding during surgery, it’s typically recommended that they not be discontinued for any longer than necessary because of the increased risk of developing an embolism, which is what caused this man’s stroke.

It can be difficult – if not impossible – for most non-medical professionals to know if a bad surgical outcome was the fault the doctor or simply an unavoidable risk of the procedure. That’s why it’s always wise to seek experienced legal guidance if you believe that you or a loved one has been the victim of medical malpractice.