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What you need to know about Connecticut dog bite claims

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Premises Liability

Dogs are generally friendly pets. But these loyal canines can become aggressive and cause serious bodily harm, especially when they are threatened. Besides physical and emotional injuries, a dog bite can also leave you with a deadly infection.

If you are attacked and hurt by someone else’s dog, you may be eligible for financial restitution for the resulting damages via a premises liability lawsuit. To file a successful claim, however, you need to know how Connecticut dog bite laws work.

Pursuing a dog bite case in Connecticut

Per Connecticut dog bite laws, a dog owner or handler is deemed strictly liable for injuries caused by their animal unless an attack happened while a victim is trespassing or after they have provoked the animal. This means that you do not necessarily have to prove that a dog owner was negligent or knew that their dog was dangerous in order to receive compensation. Here is all you have to prove during your dog bite claim:

  • That you were indeed attacked by the dog in question
  • That the attack resulted in injuries
  • That the attack happened in a public area or you were legally at the dog owner’s property when it happened.

Dog bites are classified as personal injuries. Thus, if you intend to sue a dog owner for damages, you must act within the Connecticut statute of limitations for personal injuries period. This means filing your claim within three years from the date of the attack.

Protecting your interests

A dog attack can result in serious injuries as well as the risk of an infection. If you or someone you know has been attacked by another person’s dog, it is crucial that you take proactive steps to protect your rights and interests while pursuing a premises liability claim. Seeking legal guidance is a good place to start.