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3 frightening motorcycle crash statistics

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Heading out for a ride on a motorcycle can be a great way to unwind. Yet, whether someone rides recreationally or habitually, they need to know about the safety risks involved in this favored form of transportation.

Crash statistics can help those riding motorcycles make better choices for their own safety. Recent federal statistics concerning motorcycle crashes paint a somewhat grim picture of the state of modern roads. What should every motorcycle rider know before going out for their next ride?

There has been an increase in deadly crashes

In 2021, there were 6,084 reported motorcycle fatalities according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The number was the highest it has ever been and was also a 21% increase when compared with the number of deaths in 2019.

Motorcycle riders face disproportionate risk levels

According to the crash data gathered in 2021, when looking at the number of miles traveled, the risk for each mile on a motorcycle is much higher than the risk associated with travel in an enclosed vehicle. Motorcycle riders have almost 24 times the crash risk of those in larger vehicles based on the number of miles traveled.

There’s a simple, often-ignored, way to reduce risk

Even though helmets are readily available, riders may forego them for any number of personal reasons. Perhaps they don’t like the way they look or feel, or maybe they just enjoy feeling the wind on their face and in their hair while out for a ride on the highway. Sadly, the choice to go without a helmet can be a very big mistake. Data about crashes and the rates of injury or death for riders with different safety gear have made it clear that consistent helmet use could save lives. Those with a helmet on at the time of a crash have a 37% lower chance of dying and a 67% lower risk of a brain injury, which is a leading cause of motorcycle crash fatalities.

Being more proactive about safety, including investing in the best gear and carefully complying with traffic laws, could potentially save a motorcycle’s life. Additionally, tracking motorcycle crash statistics may benefit those who want to make safety a priority on their next ride.