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The dangers of hip fractures in older adults

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2024 | Premises Liability

This time of year, people of all ages throughout Connecticut are slipping and falling on icy surfaces. However, these conditions can be particularly treacherous for older people.

Falls can cause far more serious injuries in seniors than in younger people. Fractures are an especially common injury suffered in falls affecting older adults. That’s largely because human bones lose density as people age and break more easily as a result. This is often particularly true for women. Even a “same level” fall from a standing position can cause a fracture.

Why these injuries can lead to a downward spiral

Fractures can also take longer to heal in older people. Hip fractures can be especially debilitating. One of the more shocking statistics about hip fractures is that one in three people over 50 who fracture a hip pass away within the following year. Why is that?

Hip fractures significantly impair a person’s mobility. A person may have to spend time in a rehabilitation facility. When returning home, they may have to use a wheelchair or other mobility aid. They may feel their age more than ever. This can all be highly depressing. Many victims of hip fractures curtail many of their usual activities. They’re often less likely to be less active and less social. This can lead to physical and mental decline.

The right treatment can make all the difference

A hip fracture or other serious injury doesn’t have to send a person into a downward spiral. Excellent treatment – often involving surgery – is key. Physical therapy may be necessary to help a patient regain strength and mobility. All of this can be very expensive, even with insurance. Yet, if an injurious fall was caused by a property owner’s negligence – such as failing to shovel a walkway or not keeping an entryway floor dry – it may be possible to hold them liable for neglecting an unsafe condition on their property.

If you’ve been hurt as a result of a fall, don’t let anyone try to persuade you that you were only hurt because you are older, and, therefore, you aren’t entitled to compensation. By seeking experienced legal guidance, you can significantly improve your chances of getting a fair settlement.