A person may be looking forward to grabbing a bite to eat or going shopping on an afternoon drive in Connecticut. However, what should be an easygoing trip could end up being a catastrophic one if the person ends up getting into a motor vehicle accident with another motorist on the road. These types of collisions can easily take place if either one or both individuals are not paying adequate attention to the road, are driving while distracted or are speeding, for example.

A recent car accident occurred in Connecticut and led to injuries to one of those involved in the collision. According to witnesses, two automobiles were driving east. The male drivers of both vehicles then turned left to enter a strip of stores.

That’s when the two vehicles crashed into each other. One of the men suffered injuries in the collision. He was transported to a hospital in order to receive medical treatment. According to media reports, the accident caused traffic issues in the vicinity.

In this situation, a police investigation might show who actually was at fault in the crash. If the man who wasn’t injured is found to have caused the motor vehicle accident, he might face a personal injury claim for the other man’s injuries in a Connecticut civil courtroom. This is because the injured driver has a right to file a liability claim, although it has to be based on proof that the other party was negligent in such a way as to cause or contribute to the wreck. If liability is established in a manner that satisfies the court presiding over the case, claims for monetary damages will be determined in favor of the victim.

Source: westportnow.com, “Two-Car Crash Sends One to Hospital“, , April 15, 2014