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Can I sue for injuries I received from using a defective product?

| Mar 1, 2018 | Firm News, Products Liability

When we enter stores, we’ll often see a billboard listing the latest product recalls that have either been ordered by its manufacturer, designer or distributor. In the case of cars that have safety concerns, we’ll often hear about their recalls on the nightly news.

In many cases, by the time these products are finally recalled, countless Americans may suffer injuries or die as a result of using these dangerous or defective products.

There are three reasons products often are recalled. They either have design, warning or manufacturing defects.

Oftentimes, products are recalled because they have defective warnings on them. If a product poses a potential danger, say, for example, a fire risk if turned over, it’s important that it’s labeled as such.

The two other types of defects have to do with design and manufacturing. A product may, on paper, look good, but the design may not have practical applications. Or, it may make sense and seem functional while being designed, but variations in the use of materials to make it, in production approaches or use over time may lead it to not function as it should. It may injure someone as a result.

There are a number of products that can be deemed defective or dangerous. More often than not, some of the items we see recalled in the front of stores are either toys or baby products that may pose a choking hazard or risk of death. In other cases, medical devices or prescribed medications may pose a risk of disability or death. Foods, vehicles and chemicals can also pose a safety threat.

When it comes to dangerous or defective products, ones that haven’t yet injured someone can often be returned to either the manufacturer or the store they were purchased from for a refund or exchange. If the product has maimed someone, though, then the victim may be eligible to file a products liability lawsuit.

In learning more about the circumstances surrounding your injury, a New Haven, Connecticut, attorney may advise you of your right to file a lawsuit in your case.

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