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Can I file an injury claim if signs were posted where I got hurt?

| Oct 5, 2018 | Firm News, Premises Liability

It happens all the time. An individual may notice a sign warning them of the wet floors, presence of a dog or even not to enter a property, but they continue along their way as if they didn’t notice it … and they wind up getting hurt. If this has happened to you, you may wonder if you have any rights to sue the property or pet owner for your injuries.

If a property owner makes an effort to put up a sign warning visitors of their wet floors, then you probably won’t be able to sue them as they made an effort to let people know of the potential danger that existed. If a sign is placed in an area that makes it hard to see, though, it’s possible that you may be able to argue that they didn’t adequately forewarn you of the potential danger.

As for a “beware of dog” sign, while many jurisdictions may see the existence of such a sign as providing an adequate warning of the dangers people face if they approach, others may see things differently. In some jurisdictions, the existence of such a sign may send a message to a bite victim that they are aware of how aggressive their dog is. An owner may be held both criminally and civilly liable if a victim gets injured.

Property owners that post “do not enter” signs generally want to keep trespassers away. If they fail to post what the potential dangers are, then someone who comes illegally onto their property and gets hurt may still be able to sue.

It’s also possible for parents of children who venture onto a piece of property to sue the owner if it’s determined to be an attractive nuisance, or too enticing that it made them want to illegally trespass onto it.

Premises liability claims can be filed for a number of different reasons. While they may happen in the aforementioned situations, they may also be filed because an individual is assaulted in a poorly lit area of a parking garage. If negligent security results in someone getting hurt, the victim may be able to file a claim. A New Haven premises liability attorney can help you determine whether your injury resulted from someone else’s negligence.



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