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Can I get workers’ compensation for a repetitive strain injury?

| May 18, 2020 | Firm News

Most people think of catastrophic injuries when it comes to workers’ compensation. The repetitive motions someone needs to make in the workplace can take a toll on them over prolonged periods. Does this mean that a repetitive stress injury (RSI) can qualify for workers’ compensation?

Every year RSI impacts nearly 1.8 million employees every year. The consequences of untreated RSI can threaten ever using the afflicted body part in its full capacity ever again. Workers’ compensation may be what an employee needs to get the proper treatment to recover.

How does someone get an RSI?

Repetitive stress injuries sound like it is the result of significant physical activity. While these injuries can occur as a result of rigorous physical training, it can also develop through frequent:

  • Use of a computer mouse
  • Keyboard typing
  • Scanning items
  • Reaching for items on shelves
  • Use of tools
  • Manufacturing labor

If the body makes the same motion dozens or hundreds of times a day, five days a week, nearly every week of the year, it only makes sense that something is going to give out.

But does RSI qualify for workers’ compensation?

RSI is a form of injury that an employee can sustain in the workplace over weeks or years. Like any other injury that an employee can receive on the job, RSIs do qualify for worker’s compensation. Like any other claim, an employee needs to act fast to earn the benefits they need to recover.

Talking with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is the first step to secure fair compensation for a repetitive strain injury.



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