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3 of the most common injuries in a motorcycle crash

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle comes with obvious risks. You don’t have the protection of an enclosed space and restraints the way that those in four-wheeled vehicles do. If a crash occurs while you are out for a ride, you could suffer severe injuries.

Motorcyclists are at greater risk of suffering severe injuries in the event of a collision. They may need to consider carrying extra insurance to protect themselves, as the coverage provided by the driver who causes the crash may not be enough to repair their motorcycle, cover their hospital bills and reimburse them for weeks of lost wages after their injury.

Learning about the most common injuries people suffer may inspire motorcyclists to learn more about defensive driving or expand their insurance coverage.

Major fractures

Broken bones, including broken legs, are some of the most frequently-reported injuries among motorcycle riders. A broken leg could require two months or longer to heal in even the best of circumstances.

If there is twisting force at the time of the injury or if the bone breaks into multiple pieces, the motorcycle rider may require surgery and face a much longer recovery.

Traumatic brain injuries

Crash data makes it clear that motorcycle helmets save lives and reduce the severity of injuries. However, even if someone does wear a helmet that helps protect them at the time of a crash, a traumatic brain injury can lead to devastating personal consequences.

Brain injuries can force people to leave their employment, affect their motor function and even leave them dependent on life support in some situations.

Spinal cord injuries

Back injuries are common after motorcycle crashes, and an injury to the spinal cord can cause permanent limitations in motor function, as well as a loss of sensation below the injury site. People with spinal cord injuries will permanently lose the ability to walk or may require months of rehabilitative support and surgery to get back on their feet after their injury if they have an incomplete injury.

The cost associated with the treatment for major motorcycle injuries can be far higher than the insurance coverage available to you, which might mean you eventually need to take either the driver at fault for the crash or a third party who contributed to the collision to civil court to seek compensation. Successful compensation claims after motorcycle crashes can help injured riders pay their bills and cover their future cost-of-living expenses when they can no longer work.

Understanding the possible consequences of a motorcycle crash can help you see the value and better insurance coverage and push you to learn more about your rights if you do get hurt.