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Recent Accidents Highlight the Need for Truck Safety on I-84

I-84 is a popular route for truckers stopping in, passing through or loading up in Connecticut that offers several amenities for weary drivers. Those who stop along this route can refill their tanks, take a quick nap on a long haul, find several places to eat and weigh the cargo they are transporting along state lines.

Unfortunately, I-84 is also an increasingly dangerous road for truckers, as evidenced by numerous recent accidents along that route. In recent months, I-84 has seen several truck accidents, including:

  • Two tractor trailers were involved in a crash on I-84 East after one trucker ran into the back of the other. One of the trucks was carrying olive oil, which fueled a fire resulting from the crash. The two truck drivers were taken to local hospitals for treatment and the road was closed for several hours.
  • A truck driver was killed while traveling eastbound on I-84 after his truck crashed into another and went through the road’s guardrail. Police say that the truck driver was not wearing a seatbelt. The driver of the other truck did not suffer serious injuries.
  • A truck driver was involved in a fatal truck accident with a passenger vehicle that resulted in the death of the two occupants of the car. As the truck merged into traffic, the driver lost control and sliced the roof off of the other vehicle. The truck driver was hospitalized by his injuries.
  • A truck filled with 3,000 gallons of unleaded gasoline crashed into a guardrail and rolled over, leaving the driver with minor injuries.

As these examples show, I-84 can be a dangerous road for truck drivers and others who share the road with them. Connecticut truck accident attorneys are ready to assist those who’ve been injured in a truck accident receive the compensation they need to cover medical expenses, recovery costs, lost wages and other crash-related expenses.

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