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Tanker Truck Rollover Closes I-95 in Groton

Initial reports indicate that a car cut off an oil tanker trunk on Connecticut I-95, causing the truck to rollover and spill 1200 gallons of heating oil. The afternoon Connecticut truck accident shut down I-95 during rush hour while emergency crews treated injured accident victims and cleaned up the spill.

Nearby bridge construction workers witnessed the truck accident and were shocked to see it happen in the middle of a beautiful Connecticut winter day. They were quick to arrive on the scene to help, pulling the truck driver from his rig as well as helping another woman from her car. The tanker truck had spun out, taking out three other cars in its path as it careened into the ditch off I-95.

Only minor injuries were reported by those involved in the crash.

Causes of Connecticut Truck Crashes

There are many different causes of truck accidents. Connecticut truck accident attorneys list fatigued driving, inexperienced driving and unsecured loads as a few common examples.

Police have not yet said the truck driver responsible for I-95 truck crash however. They are still looking for the driver of the sedan they believe caused the pile up. According to witnesses, the sedan suddenly pulled in front of the truck and then sped away.

There are various traffic cameras along I-95; law enforcement hopes to identify the driver through use of the video footage.

Environmental Impact of The Tanker Rollover

One of the main concerns related to the motor vehicle crash, after there was confirmation that no serious injuries had resulted, was whether or not the groundwater and nearby Groton Reservoir would be contaminated by the oil spill. The cleanup process began with moving any remaining heating oil to another truck and getting the truck upright as quickly as possible. Any contaminated dirt would need to be removed as well.

Options For Connecticut Truck Accident Victims

When the tanker truck spun out of control, three other vehicles were hit as the truck driver lost control of the rig. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries from the crash but at least three cars sustained some type of damage. When complex issues arise related to who is responsible for the damages caused by a motor vehicle accident—as in this instance, is it the driver of the fourth car or the driver of the truck— New Haven truck accident lawyers can sort out the facts and help you get the money needed to make repairs or cover medical expenses.

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