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DUI, following too closely may contribute to auto accident

| Sep 24, 2014 | Car Accidents, Firm News

It can be terrifying to be involved in a motor vehicle accident that leads to serious injuries. It can also be petrifying to learn that one’s family member has been killed in a Connecticut auto accident. According to recent research, there are more injury accidents than fatal ones in our state, but crashes involving driving while intoxicated appear to be the deadliest.

DUI was a contributing factor in nearly 330 fatal collisions between 2009 and 2012. Meanwhile, accidents where a motorist lost control of the automobile accounted for more than 200 fatal wrecks. When police investigate a crash, they have to identify just one contributing factor even if more than one may have caused the crash. For instance, if an individual was tailgating a person as well as speeding before rear-ending another vehicle, police have to select which factor they believe to be the main cause.

It’s worth noting that the areas in Connecticut deemed most dangerous to drive include the Interstate 95 and Interstate 91 corridors. In addition, the most hazardous Interstate section is Interstate 95 between the areas of New York and New Haven. Furthermore, the most common cause of an accident was following behind another car too closely, with most of those incidents occurring during the evening rush hour period.

The other top auto accident contributing factors in Connecticut include not yielding to another vehicle, driving too quickly and changing lanes improperly. Most accidents involved motorists in their early 20s. When someone on the road drives negligently or recklessly and causes a collision, an injured victim may opt to sue. Likewise, the family of a person killed in this type of wreck may file a wrongful death claim. A judge will rule in the plaintiffs’ favor when liability is appropriately established according to applicable personal injury laws.

Source:, “Biggest Accident Cause: Following Too Closely“, Stephen Busemeyer, Sept. 15, 2014



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