There is no rule that says that an auto accident must involve more than one vehicle. In fact, some of the most tragic accidents often involve only one car. This was just such the case in one fiery auto accident that occurred on a late December evening in Connecticut, which resulted in two people suffering injuries.

According to police who worked the scene of the recent accident, a 21-year-old man was driving east on a two-lane road. Authorities said he suddenly entered the westbound lane in an effort to pass a compact SUV. The man reportedly lost control of his vehicle, which left the roadway where it collided with a tree located off the shoulder.

The vehicle caught fire and ended up being severely damaged. The driver suffered a head injury that was considered serious enough to warrant him being taken to the hospital by helicopter. A 20-year-old passenger in his car suffered a serious injury to his leg and was also taken to the hospital, but by ambulance. Police said they did not know why the driver was trying to pass the other vehicle, and the investigation into the accident is ongoing.

The passenger who suffered injuries in the accident has the right to file a personal injury claim against the driver whose negligence allegedly caused the single-vehicle accident. If he chooses to do so, proof of negligence will be needed before a Connecticut civil court will award damages. A successful suit may result in a court awarding compensation, which can help the victim to pay for his hospital bills, loss of wages and other expenses resulting from the auto accident.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Two Hospitalized After Car Hits Tree, Catches Fire“, Jessie Sawyer and Matt Austin, Dec. 28, 2014