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Helping Victims Of Elevator And Escalator Accidents

Elevators, moving walkways and escalators have become a part of our lives. We see them in airports, shopping malls, offices, hospitals, hotels, subways and apartment complexes. Many of us use them daily and trust that they will efficiently transport us from one place to another. We trust that they are safe and will not cause us injuries. If you were injured because of an accident with an elevator, escalator or moving walkway, you need to speak with an attorney. You may have a case.

Our attorneys at Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, work hard to provide our clients with efficient and effective legal help. We listen to your situation and work hard to ensure that you receive excellent personalized legal assistance. Our AV* rated attorneys focus almost exclusively on personal injury cases and know how to confidently represent your interest in court.

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Attorneys Who Understand Premises Liability

Our attorneys handle a range of premises liability cases that emerge from these accidents, including injuries stemming from an elevator that:

  • Becomes stuck
  • Stops or accelerates suddenly
  • Plummets
  • Stops between floors

We also assist clients with cases involving escalators where injuries occur from:

  • Sudden stops
  • Body parts becoming stuck in the escalator
  • Clothing getting stuck in the escalator
  • Slippery escalators

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