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Inadequate Lighting And Serious Injuries

Inadequate lighting is a common cause of premises liability claims. Whether you experienced a slip and fall, an assault or another accident because of the lack of lighting, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to file a claim and fight for compensation.

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Security Concerns

There are a number of situations where inadequate lighting can cause serious security concerns, including:

  • Walkways where individuals could fall
  • Parking lots that are not adequately guarded
  • Unlit stairwells where injuries or assaults could more easily occur
  • Inadequate lighting coupled with slippery conditions or walkways

Where Do These Injuries Occur?

Injuries related to negligent security can occur at any establishment. However, bars, hotels, night clubs, parking lots, college campuses and apartment buildings tend to be most likely to have negligent security issues. Our lawyers work with law enforcement, investigators and industry safety experts to help our clients show that their injuries resulted from inadequate security.

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