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When Downed Power Lines Cause Injury Or Death

The question of who was responsible for an injury or fatality caused by downed power lines often focuses on how long the line was down and what actions were taken to remedy the situation. There are many individuals and entities that could possibly bear legal liability for negligence. These are complex cases best handled by a New Haven burn injury lawyer with substantial experience in downed power line accident cases.

Help After An Accident Involving Downed Power Lines

The first, most obvious answer is that the public utility company — such as Connecticut Light & Power Co. or The United Illuminating Co. — that is responsible for power line maintenance may bear some liability for the burn accident you or your loved one suffered. There are, however, other potential sources of compensation, including:

First responders: If a downed power line happened as a result of an accident or act of nature, the first responders on the scene should have closed the road or set up appropriate warnings to notify passersby of the risk of electrocution. If they failed to do so, they may be held liable for damages in a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

911 operator: When emergency communications receives a call that a power line is down and posing a risk to motorists, pedestrians or others, the operator should immediately notify the power company to shut down the line. If this information is not communicated in a timely manner to the utility and a serious or fatal electrocution occurs, the company that employs the emergency operator may be held liable.

It may take the help of a highly experienced attorney to unravel the complicated issues of liability in these cases. At the North Haven law firm of Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, we have handled a number of these cases and can help you evaluate your options in a free consultation.

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