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Seeking Full Compensation For Victims Of Back Injuries

In many ways, the vertebrae, the muscles of the back and the spinal cord create the foundation for the entire human body. Catastrophic injuries to the back can have a far-reaching impact on other parts of the body and their ability to function properly. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury that happened in an accident, you may have a claim for damages against the responsible parties.

At the law firm of Williams, Walsh & O'Connor, LLC, our New Haven, Connecticut, back injury lawyers represent clients across the state who have suffered serious injuries in accidents that were caused due to the negligence of another. We have the experience and the resources to conduct a proper investigation in order to see that the responsible parties are held fully accountable.

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In every case, our primary focus is on determining the full extent of your injuries so that we can seek compensation that accommodates your current and future needs. When appropriate, we will bring in life-planning experts and other specialists who can help us determine the right combination of financial compensation and rehabilitative care appropriate to your case.

Our attorneys have handled back injury claims arising out of a variety of accidents, including:

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